Welcome to the webspace home of Americus First United Methodist Church, located in Americus, Georgia. Here you will find more information about this great church, and we invite you to send us your comments about the content of this website. We invite you to visit us when you are in the area, or if you are already a member here, we hope that you continue to be be blessed in what The Holy Spirit is doing in our midst! We serve the Risen Savior Jesus Christ in all that we do, and we seek to be led by His Spirit in our lives. We consider the worship of God, our families, and our service for the Honor and Glory of God to be a vital part of who we are here at Americus First United Methodist Church!

ad Dei gloriam!

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Our MisSion

Our mission - to make disciples of Jesus Christ by reaching up, reaching in, and reaching out

  • Reach up to God through worship
  • Reach in through fellowship and Bible Study
  • Reach out to others through evangelism, mission and service

Our purpose -

  • To gather for worship, to give praise and thanksgiving;
  • To seek God's presence and guidance in our lives, and to strengthen each other in Christian fellowship and discipline;
  • To become a body of true believers who share the redeeming love of Christ;
  • To practice unity, love and caring in the world so that the living Christ is revealed through us
  • Reaching Up: Worship

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  • Reaching In: Fellowship &

    Bible Study

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  • Reaching Out: Evangelism, Mission & Service

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