Endowment & Gifts

The Purpose

The Endowment and Gifts Committee provides the overall structure for receiving and administering gifts and bequests intended for our church and our ministry programs. This committee works closely with the Trustees and Finance Committee when necessary.

Major contributions and gifts which are designated for immediate use or long-term benefit are now directed to the Endowment and Gifts Committee for investment and administration. The committee is responsible for managing the endowed funds. 

There are two types of endowment funds. 

  • A permanent endowment requires that the principal generally not be encroached upon. In our case, a spending rate is set annually and the income from these funds are used for their designated purpose.
  • A quasi-endowment is different in that the committee or church council (as designated) can use the principal as well as the income for the designated purpose.

How to Give

Any gift amount is encouraged. To establish a new fund, a brief description of the intention of the fun must be established and approved by the committee. 

A minimum amount of $25,000, which may be paid over time, is required to establish a designated fund. As you approach this gifting opportunity, first consider a discussion with your tax attorney, accountant, legal/financial advisor, or estate planner to determine the greatest tax deductible advantage for you. Once you have taken these measures, the church financial secretary will complete a confidential form with you designating your intentions for the gift.

The following ideas and illustrations may be of interest in your planning. 

  • Outright Gifts: A transfer of cash or other assets can easily be made with income from investments to be used for church purposes. Gifts will apply to the general account unless specified for the attention of the Endowment and Gifts Committee.
  • Memorial Gifts: Members and friends of the church can establish a permanent memorial to a loved one or friend through a gift made now or at some time later. The minimum amount of $25,000, which may be paid over time, is required to establish a designated fund.
  • Real Estate: Gifts of your home, farm, other property to the Endowment can be made with you retaining the right to live in the home, operate the farm, or to receive income for the remainder of your life. Titles muse be clear and property free of debt. The amount of charitable deduction is determined both by the fair market value of the property and by the age of the donor at the time of the contribution.
  • Life Insurance: Gifts of existing life insurance policies or the purchase of new policies naming the Church as beneficiary can be written so that you will have tax benefits during your lifetime and to your estate upon death.
  • Trusts: You can establish revocable trusts, unitrusts, annuity trusts, or assign proceeds from retirement plan trusts, IRA's, and Keogh plans.

A List of the current designated funds

All of these funds listed are presently invested to earn income for a specific use. Contributions may be made at any time and of any amount. As these funds grow, each fund has the opportunity to serve a greater purpose. Some funds and expenditures are supervised b specific committees which administer their income.

  • Mattie Marshall Trust Fund

    The principal of this fund is invested to generate income for the senior minister's parsonage. Andy additional funding that may accrue can be designated toward facility improvement.

  • Loaves & Fishes Youth Scholarship Fund

    This endowed scholarship has been invested to generate income to award scholarships for youth in need of financial assistance toward the cost of church related retreats and events. The recipient must be an active participant of our youth program.

  • Permanent Endowment Fund

    The income from this fund is used to supplement the church budget each year. This gives us more money to spend on current needs.

  • Wesley Fund

    This fund was created from major gifts in years past providing the source for major capital improvements and special projects at our church. In the past few years the contributions to this fund have decreased while our needs for use of this fund have increased. 

  • Rob Carter Scholarship Fund

    This fund can provide financial assistance to students from our church attending a Methodist-sponsored college, provide financial assistance to members of our church going into ministry or provide funds for events supporting special needs children.

  • Katherine Morris Children's Ministry Fund

    This endowed fund has been invested to generate income to supplement children's programs above what the general operating fund provides.

Other Designated Funds

These funds are to be used for current year expenses unless there is a specific project requiring funds to be carried over to the next year.

  • Hispanic Ministry Fund

    Through the generosity of several individuals and through grants, this fund has allowed our Hispanic ministry to grow and expand into their own facility for worship services, fellowship, and Christian education.

  • Youth and Children's Ministry Funds

    Gifts made to each fund supplement the programs for our children and youth above what the general operating fund provides.

  • Music Fund

    Through special gifts, the music program and equipment continues to bless our congregation. The supplement to this program assists with the expense of organ repairs, music, props, special effects, and equipment.

  • Flower Fund

    General gifts, memorials, and honorariums made to this fund provide all of the greenery, flowers, and decorations for our church as it is needed.

  • Benevolence Fund

    This fund is critical in providing assistance to those in great need and often helps with emergency situations.