Your Time

"People can't see God.

People can't see Jesus.

People can't see the Holy Spirit.

But people can see people who follow God.

People can see the church...

The most valuable resources you have to help people see God are the people in your church who know God."

Creating A Lead Small Culture: Reggie Joiner, Kristen Ivy, and Elle Campbell

If you'd like to give of your time and serve in any of the ministries of our church, 

please call the church office for more information.

Safe Sanctuaries Certification

Every volunteer who works with our children and youth at FMC must be Safe Sanctuaries certified which requires filling out an application, a background check, and watching a training video. Every three years, certified volunteers must be re-certified and watch the training video as a refresher.

The Safe Sanctuaries program exists to:

Protect children, youth, and vulnerable adults who participate in the ministries of the church.

Protect staff, both paid and volunteer, from potential false allegations of abuse.

Protect all the various ministry assets of the church for making disciples of Jesus Christ.