From the Church Council

On Sunday, April 2nd Ross Youngdale came before the 11am service to discuss as chairman of the Church Council, the Church Council’s vote moving forward as a congregation. He reported that this Committee examined the details of Wesleyan/Methodist denominations including Independent Church, the Free Methodists, the Congregational Methodist Church, and the Global Methodist Church. From the ad-hoc Committee review of the pros and cons of each denomination in relation to our church interests and theology, it was the recommendation of the Committee that FUMC join the Global Methodist Church denomination. After Council discussion and debate on this recommendation, the members of the First United Methodist Church Council voted unanimously to accept that recommendation and present it to the members of Americus First United Methodist for a vote. Now for the next step! Sunday, April 30th at 12pm in the Sanctuary, ballots will be made available to AFUMC members to vote YES or NO on the recommendation. You must be a church member to cast a vote. Each member will get one ballot. All ballots will be counted by Church representatives, and the decision will be announced on Sunday, April 30th. Please continue to pray for our church moving forward.

Global Methodist Church Denomination Informational Meeting

As we seek God's guidance as to what, if any, denomination Forest Hills Church will join, we have invited guest speakers from a couple of Methodist/Wesleyan denominations to present more information and to answer questions.