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The United Methodist denomination is divided and dividing. Many churches in the South Georgia Annual Conference, of which we are a member, have already disaffiliated from the United Methodist denomination. Our church is approaching a time in which we will also be faced with a decision to either disaffiliate or remain within the United Methodist denomination. This is a difficult decision, and it is why our church has formed a steering committee of approximately 23 people to gather the information we need to help our church membership make an informed decision.

The names of our disaffiliation committee members are below.

Sam Hunter (chair), Rev. Daryl Brown, Ricky Arnold, Greg Austin, Jim Bolin, Penny Bolin, Linda Eason, Smitty Eason, Ann Harris, Bill Harris, Sarah Inzetta, Sam Morris, Johnny Updike, Wes Wheeler, Justin Arnold, Sammy Bledsoe, Dr. Frank Lowrey, Charles Pryor, John Shealy, Bob Sternenberg, Drenda Sternenberg, Carl Tott, Terry Duncan, and Ross Youngdale.

In the coming weeks, we will host information sessions and town hall meetings. All members of Americus First United Methodist Church are invited to attend. Please check with our church office regarding updates on meeting and Q&A session dates.

To access the content from our most recent steering committee meeting, informational sessions, or videos, please click on the images below. If you have any questions regarding our committee, then please contact one of our committee members or call the church office at 229-924-3169.

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    november 17, 2022

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  • Town Hall Meeting

    Q & A

    October 16, 2022

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  • informational meeting video september 18, 2022

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    SEPTEMBER 18, 2022 

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  • steering committee meeting minutes august 29, 2022

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  • Steering committee meeting minutes

    AUGUST 18, 2022

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