Worship Arts

Worship Arts Ministries encompass all areas of the arts that enhance the worship experience of the congregation of

First United Methodist Church.

Music Director: Sam Morris 229-924-3169


Soli Deo Gloria!

To the glory of God alone!

Chancel Choir

Our chancel choir rehearsals take place every Wednesday night during the academic calendar from 7:00PM to 8:30PM. There is no audition required, and everyone is welcome to join! Contact our Director of Worship Arts, Sam Morris at smorris@fumcamericus.com, or call our church office at (229) 924-3169 for further information.

Praise Team

Our praise team leads the 9:00AM contemporary worship service in our fellowship hall. If you are interested in participating as a member of the praise team, then please contact our church office at (229) 924-3169 or email us at office@fumcamericus.com.


Our handbell choir rehearsals take place on Tuesdays from 6:15PM to 7:30PM during the academic calendar. If you are interested in joining our handbell choir, then please contact our Director of Worship Arts, Sam Morris at smorris@fumcamericus.com, or call the church office at (229) 924-3169.

Children's Choir

Our children's choir holds rehearsals on Wednesday evenings during the academic calendar. ALL kids are welcome. Please contact our Director of Children's Ministry, Joy Franklin at joy@fumcamericus.com, or call the church office at (229)924-3169.

Worship Arts Teams

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  • Drama

    Our drama team performs on occasions for Worship, an annual Christmas program, or a possible spring drama. Those with acting interests should offer their talents for this ministry.

  • Sets and Props

    This team is made up of individuals who assist in creating simple sets for musicals, dramas, and drama sketches. They help secure sets and props and/or design and make them. Some are needed to build or cut and paste, others to paint or draw, and still others to set up for the events and take care of our materials following an event.

  • Worship Settings

    Special worship settings designed to visually enhance the worship experience can be remarkably powerful and can open another path for a person to hear God's voice during worship. Innovative and creative worship design can draw individuals nearer to God by:

    • Helping the congregation focus on what is being spoken
    • Connecting what the minister and music are saying
    • Planting a visual image to carry throughout the week
    Our Worship Settings Team designs and implements special worship settings whenever there is a fitting occasion.

  • Flowers

    The Flowers Team provides flowers or arrangements for worship each week. Flowers enhance the worship environment and are always given to honor God. The team arranges them themselves or encourages others to provide arrangements through local florists. Providing flowers can be accomplished by:

    • Giving any amount to the Flower Fund in honor or in memory of a loved one.
    • Providing the actual arrangements by signing up on the flower calendar (located outside of the church office).
  • Visual Techs

    The Visual Techs operate the computer program, ProPresenter, to present the visuals for worship. A heart for worship and service are necessary traits for Visual Techs. We will train you on ProPresenter!

  • Audio Techs

    Join this ministry team to operate our audio system. We have a team to run our audio/visual at our 10:30AM worship weekly. Team members are also asked to handle audio for church events as needed. You will be trained on our systems, so you must have a heart for service and a "trainable ear!"

  • Greeters

    Our Greeters distribute bulletins as they greet people entering worship. This is an excellent opportunity to get to know fellow church goers.

  • Welcomers

    We have Welcomers who greet people as they approach the buildings and are prepared to offer assistance to first-time guests, especially. Welcomers are at their stations before our 10:30 worship each Sunday.

  • Communion Preparers

    These are the people who prepare our Communion for us before each worship time when Communion will be celebrated. They work quietly in the background offering their service in this very special way.

  • Communion Servers

    We have four servers for each service of worship when Communion is celebrated, so many people are needed for this service. This is a special opportunity to welcome churchgoers in the sacrament that Christ offers to all HIs followers.

  • Ushers

    We have Usher Teams for each Sunday of the month at 10:30 worship. The team collects the offerings during worship. On Communion Sunday, they direct worshippers to the stations.

  • Costumes

    We have a Costumes Team that goes into action for our annual summer children's musical and whenever one of our Christmas or Spring musicals require costuming. The team also maintains our costume closet.

  • Advent/Christmas Decorations

    A host of people are needed to prepare our church for the seasons of Advent and Christmas. This team makes plans well in advance then the week before Advent they begin transforming our facility to be beautifully adorned for the holidays.

  • Lent/Easter Decorations

    Many hearts and hands make our Lent and Easter decoration fall into place each year as the team has planned. This may include adorning the crosses and windows for the season along with the placement of decorations.